Got a craving for crispy fried chicken? These moreish wings, chicken sandwiches and crunchy burgers are a cut about the rest.

Korean fried chicken

Which came first, the chicken or the beer? Find out at Sam Sam, specialising in crispy wings and chilled bevs. Order your chicken fried with sweet chilli, with soy and garlic, red-hot and spicy or dusted with snow cheese. And your beer? There’s Korean faves Max and Cass by the bottle.

Korean fried chicken burgers

Nothing hits like a gigantic, OTT burger. And the epic specials at The Beast never fail to impress. Get ready to super clap for the ‘super junior’, a Korean fried chicken burger loaded with crispy bacon and kimchi slaw. Got a crew to feed? Book your spot for Bottomless Beast, a two-hour fiesta of crispy chicken wings, gravy-drenched poutine and fries. 

A large burger filled with fried chicken and slaw
The Beast

Hot Star large fried chicken

This Taiwanese sensation is still serving up giant, crispy goodness in those beautiful blue carboard sleeves. Take yourself down to Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (yes, we do insist you use the full name) for a deep fried feed you'll never forget. Pair your chicken indulgence with sweet potato fries, crispy mushrooms or a cheeky serve of salt and pepper squid.

Salted egg chicken

Buttery, rich and just a tiny bit funky. This unexpected pairing is a food lovers dream. Indonesian fave Yoi serves a delicious combo of fried noodles, salted egg sauce and crispy fried chicken drenched in the creamy concoction. Over at Kata Kita, pillowy soft bao is loaded with crispy chicken pieces, then doused in salted egg mayo.

Noodles in a black bowl with a fried egg and fried chicken on top

Halal-friendly fried chicken

Due to popular demand, local Korean street food spot Sinjeon modified its menu to become halal-friendly in 2021. Beef and chicken is provided by halal certified suppliers, and separate utensils are used for all pork products. That means you can enjoy classic fried chicken, sticky honey soy chicken, fried chicken meal sets and more stress-free.

Guljak Topokki Chicken

Why settle for one impossibly delicious Korean street food when you can have two? This famous Korean takeaway joint dishes up topokki (spicy rice cakes) with K-style fried chicken. The chicken is perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and you can get it coated in your choice of sauce. The fresh and zingy lemon cream version is a must try. Load up on sides and an iced coffee for the full experience.

A table set with Korean dishes including fried chicken.
Guljak Topokki Chicken

Nashville-style hot chicken

Hot chicken is a Nashville thing, imported to Melbourne by Belles Hot Chicken. Their menu offers a range of spicy heat levels and sauces. Try classic sides and variations like chicken sandwiches and chicken with waffles. A crispy chicken drumstick dunked in potato and gravy always hits the spot, too.

Chicken katsu sando special

Melbourne is no stranger to katsu sando, the chicken cutlet and white bread sensation taking over town. But Robata is serving what is potentially the most stacked katsu delight in Melbourne. For 25 bucks you'll score this mammoth creation, an ice cold Asahi and side dish of edamame snacks. Book between 12pm and 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and treat yourself to the towering Japanese feast.

A person holding a fried chicken sandwich with two hands.

Chicken karaage

All about the small sharing plates, the chicken karaage wings at Izakaya Den go down a treat with pickles and sweet corn. Try it with sake or a cold beer – or ditch the meat and try a karaage mushroom version. Cult-status ramen shop Hakata Gensuke also slings a mean Japanese fried chicken. And Butchers Diner serves the crispy morsels until midnight. Better yet, its gluten free!

More of the best Korean fried chicken in Melbourne

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Guljak Topokki Chicken

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Manchi Korean Fried Chicken

A Korean restaurant located in Carlton serving fried chicken and street food.

Buza Chicken

Traditional Korean dishes and Korean-style fried chicken in Melbourne Central.

Last updated on Wed 21 Sep 2022

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