Cancelled a Tokyo trip? Make up for it with Izakaya dining, crispy katsu, anime bars and rare whisky dens. And if you want more, check out our guide to finding cult status Japanese products in the city.

A souffle pancake covered in chocolate and served on a plate

Aesthetic brunch sets and soufflé pancakes

From jiggly cheesecake to mountainous shaved ice, sweet brunching in Japan is almost an extreme sport. Travel with your taste buds to Adozen Adozen for a feather-light soufflé pancake and bliss out. All the equipment in store is from Japan, and the chefs trained there too. For a traditional set, Ima project café does a refined grilled salmon, onigiri and miso plate for breakfast most days. But even they can't resist a little fusion – the umami smashed avo is a nori-loaded twist on a brunch classic.

More Japanese-inspired brunch spots

The Budapest Cafe

A hidden gem of Carlton, inspired by Wes Anderson’s film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Aesthetically pleasing and high quality Japanese-inspired dishes served in a thought provoking space

Fuumi Fuumi

A Japanese bakery and cafe with lunch specials and freshly baked pastries.

Fresh Air & Pancake Melbourne

A Japanese dessert heaven with soufflé, dorayaki and soft serve.

People sitting at a bar

Whisky dens and Izakaya

Wandering down narrow lantern-lit laneways to discover tiny diners is the Tokyo dream. Yamato nails the Memory Lane vibe (yes, we know it's not always called that) with a hidden location in the middle of Melbourne's narrowest laneway. Visit for imported sake, karaage, shabu shabu and wall-to-wall kitsch. Looking for a relaxing time? Make it a Summer's Garden Bar time. This new spot in North Melbourne specialises in super rare whisky, wine and sake from Japan.

Where to find Izakaya style dining


Features Japanese grilled dishes, sashimi, pork katsu and select cuts of premium beef.

Izakaya Den 2029

Japanese classics and a great selection of sake.

Mr Ramen San

Mr Ramen San serves Japanese ramen all the way from Hakata, Japan.

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant

In Midcity Arcade, serving a range of teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, bento boxes, tempura and noodles.

A cubic loaf of bread

Where to buy Japanese milk bread

Seemingly overnight Melbourne became obsessed with milk bread. Or Shokupan, for those in the know. The fluffy white slices typically emerge from bakery ovens in a perfectly uniform cube. City spots Coppe Pan, Bakemono and Le Bajo all bake the good stuff on site. Find it in action when you order crispy katsu sando, the quintessential Japanese snack.

Try these katsu sando spots

Saint Dreux

Speciality coffee bar offering Japanese-style katsu sando, sponge cakes and pastries.

Meet Sando

Meet Sando is a daytime fast casual restaurant, located within the Queen Victoria Market complex


279 cafe offers speciality coffee, tea and traditional Japanese fare.

The best katsu sando in Melbourne

Where to find the best Japanese sandwiches in the city.

A screen at a bar playing animated shows

Anime and Otaku culture

Tokyo lovers of the geek persuasion are probably craving a Super Potato session by now. Get the Akihabara experience on a smaller scale at Robot Bar, where anime is projected from the ceiling. Then pick up cult-fave merch like Persona 5 paperbacks, Studio Ghibli artwork and Hello Kitty Gundam gear at Melbourne's Mandarake equivalents.

Where to shop for Japanese pop culture

One Stop Anime

Stocks a wide variety of Japanese anime and associated merchandise.

Critical Hit

Independent importer of exclusive anime and video game collectables from Japan and beyond.

Minotaur Entertainment

Minotaur is Melbourne’s premier pop culture store, with books, collectibles, magazines and more.

Outre Gallery

Alternative art gallery specialising in lowbrow, pop surrealism and underground art.

A group of girls at an arcade

UFO catchers and capsule machines

The futuristic ‘UFO Catchers’ at Million Life near the Kmart Centre are cute as can be. Test your coordination skills to win Gudetama plushies, Pokémon keychains and luxury brand items. Or head over to Lonsdale street to find 'Gacha Gacha' (capsule toy machines). Neko Cards in Little Lonsdale Street has an entire floor dedicated to them. Play to score everything from Doraemon figurines to oddly satisfying mini toaster toys.

More uniquely Japanese experiences


High-end Japanese knife shop offering handcrafted and specialty knives and sharpening services.

Lupicia Fresh Tea

Japanese tea company offering over 400 varieties of high quality tea in both bag and loose form.

Mui Karaoke

Karaoke in loads of languages with over 300,000 songs, clean rooms and delicious whisky and soju.

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Specialising in soul-warming Korean drinks and desserts on the run.

Ima Project Cafe

Japanese cafe serving breakfast and lunch sets and dishes made with local, sustainable ingredients.