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Nirankar Restaurant

An authentic and modern Indian and Nepalese bar, function and fine dining restaurant.

Bistro Guillaume

Classic French food from a renowned chef.

A Hereford Beefstouw

Melbourne’s urban heartland is also home to a Danish steakhouse - A Hereford Beefstouw.


A premium buffet with international influences and extravagant dessert bar.

Niku Ou by WagyuYa

Niku Ou by Wagyu Ya is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in Wagyu beef.

Lucky Chan

Authentic Cantonese cuisine specialising in live seafood.

The Atlantic Restaurant

Fresh seafood in this fine dining restaurant from a Melbourne culinary legend.

Quanjude Restaurant

A Chinese chain dating back to the Qing Dynasty serving authentic peking duck.

Dine Next Door CBD

There's so much for foodies to love in the CBD.


A meat eater's paradise with more options than you can poke a bone at.


An Italian restaurant with great cuisine and great wine.

Shoya Melbourne

Japanese fine dining combining traditional flavours with contemporary cuisine.


Philippe Mouchel’s bistro showcases traditional, yet innovative, fine French cuisine.