Caffeine and alcohol – we really can't name a more iconic duo. We’ve found some of the best espresso martinis in Melbourne, so make a date and start sipping!

Private Charles cocktail at Nick & Nora's

The cocktails are suitably glamorous at Art Deco–themed Nick & Nora’s. Like Private Charles, a rich coffee and strawberry mix that’s bitter yet sweet. The sophisticated potion blends cognac and rye, Averna and allspice. Plus a hit of caffeine to keep everything on the level.

Two cocktails with nitro smoke
Nick and Nora's

Vanilla cold drip martini from Archie Brothers

Yes, it has arcade games and dodgems. But Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is a playground for grown-ups too. Their fun-filled cocktail list includes a classic espresso martini made with coffee liqeur, vanilla and vodka. Pair with comfort food like fries, loaded sandos and pizza for the ultimate feast.

Spiced espresso martini at Glamp

Spin a safari twist on your next martini at Glamp. Your glamping bartender will keep the strong coffee coming with a Mzungu Martini. A blend of spiced rum, creamy Amarula, blackberry liqueur and espresso, it’ll be sure to get the party started.

Dessert martini at The Winter Village

Melbourne’s new Winter Village at Fed Square sure has some tasty treats. Espresso martinis are part of the premium package when you book an igloo at this magical winter pop up. Accompanied by choc-fudge sauce and marshmallows, this warming take on the espresso martini will make you love winter.

A person holding an espresso martini up to a glass of wine
Espresso martini at the Winter Village

Moorish Coffee cocktail at Maha

The modern Middle Eastern dining experience at Maha extends to their signature cocktails. The Moorish Coffee is an espresso martini with a touch of the exotic. Frangelico, chestnut liqueur, coffee liqueur, chocolate bitters and salted Aleppo pepper. So, Moorish and moreish!

Espresso Zabaione from Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie’s next-level espresso martini begins with your choice of top-shelf vodka, rum or whisky. Coffee and maple syrup are stirred in by your mixologist, and saffron-vanilla mousse is layered on top. Then the whole concoction is chilled with liquid nitrogen to form a frozen cap. Give it a crack and get sipping!

Espresso martini happy hour at Melbourne Public

Catch the end-of-week vibes every Friday at Melbourne Public. Pair $2 oysters with your $16 espresso martini, and you’ll feel sophisticated at op-shop prices. Plus there’s live music by DJ Scotty, playing all the hits to finish the week right. 

A person's hand hovering over an espresso martini
Espresso martinis are on the menu for winter

Little Brother’s Vietnamese coffee martini

Feeling more inclined towards some Asian-inspired indulgence? Little Brother Cafe’s salted coconut espresso martini has plenty of zing. It’s a drinkable dream of spirit-fired Vietnamese coffee, topped with coconut shards and coffee beans.

Curious Ristretto martini

Follow W Melbourne’s spiral staircase to Curious. You’ll be blown away by the subterranean bar’s cocoon-like design, and by the cocktails. Paying homage to Melbourne’s cultural obsessions, the Curious Ristretto is spot on. Melt the beeswax seal, and savour the aroma of smoky nutmeg infused with vodka-spiked St Ali coffee.

Bar Clara’s nitro-charged Aus-presso Martini

Things are always interesting and original at Bar Clara. And their version of our classic cocktail is no exception. The Aus-presso Martini is a sensational blend of pure Aussie ingredients. Cape Grim’s wattleseed vodka, local Boston cold brew coffee and Carter’s coffee liqueur from the Adelaide Hills.

Last updated on Tue 29 Jun 2021

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