Whether you’re born-and-bred or it’s your adopted city, you’d be forgiven for missing some of Melbourne’s hidden gems. We’ve wrapped up the top eleven places you might have missed.

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West Side Place Artcade

Art collective Juddy Roller and Melbourne artists have teamed up to transform the West Side Place arcade into a public art gallery. This ‘artcade’ includes contributions from local contemporary art heavyweights including Reko Rennie and Rone.

A street art mural of a woman's face

Elvis Shrine at Melbourne Cemetery

Pay tribute to the King of Rock and Roll at the Elvis Shrine in Melbourne Cemetery. The shrine is believed to be the only authorised Elvis memorial outside the US. This carefully landscaped grotto was commissioned by Elvis’ Victorian fan club, and unveiled by rock legend Johnny O’Keefe.

The MCG library

Sport and literature make an unlikely pair beneath the MCG, where a light-filled ‘members-only’ library is stacked with books. And that includes a 400-year old French dictionary containing the first ever reference to cricket. Turn your back on the stadium for a moment, and one of the best views of the city is revealed beyond its floor to ceiling windows. Book a tour here.

A library shelf with sporting books, and rows of chairs overlooking the city skyline.
MCG Library

Manchester Unity Building

Stepping into the Manchester Unity Building is like a 1930s timewarp. Tours of this stunning art deco building include the (usually off-limits) beautiful wood-panelled boardroom, a masterpiece of 20th century interior design. You’ll also get a rare peak at the rooftop terrace, once the location for a buzzing café and tearoom. Tours begin with treats at 1932 Café & Restaurant in the marble arcade.

Little Mandarin Yoga

Looking to see things from a different angle? Aerial yoga at Little Mandarin Yoga in Nicholas Building will have you suspended in a hammock from the ceiling in the most tranquil of settings.

Vintage sole

Looking for your 80s montage moment? Cherry-pick that one-off accessory, track down a streetwear classic or dig up a designer find at Vintage Sole. Span the style decades from the 1960s to the 1990s and rummage through the racks. There's everything from dresses, skirts and overalls, to outerwear, knitwear and shoes.

A shopping arcade with a glowing neon sign at the end
Vintage Sole in Cathedral Arcade


One of Melbourne’s original laneway bars will transport you to a New York piano bar. Slip into Murmur, gather around the baby grand and hit those high notes, you’ll feel like you’re lost in the West Village.

The Little Library

If you’ve run out of books to read, or are looking for some inspiration, Melbourne Central’s Little Library is the answer. Visitors are encouraged to borrow a book and return it once they’ve finished, or grab a book they fancy and replace it with one of their own favourites. Welcoming every age, The Little Library is the cooler, laid back cousin of your public library.

Corky Saint Clair

Hidden away in the art deco Century Building is some of the city’s best locally made jewellery and unique pieces. Corky Saint Clair houses the creations of  Christopher Bril and that of other Melbourne jewellery makers. The unique, quirky and beautiful pieces are displayed in the tiny boutique’s elegant cabinets among antique items. 

A jewellery shop with hanging plants
Corky Saint Clair

Mailbox Art Space

Mail might be going out of fashion, but Mailbox Art Space is anything but old school. This contemporary art space supports emerging local artists, with rotating exhibitions. Using small restored mailboxes, artists are invited to create site-specific work for this public space. The space is currently empty, but stay tuned to their socials for upcoming exhibits.

Tropical Glasshouse at Royal Botanic Gardens

Have a break from Melbourne’s impending winter in the Tropical Glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Explore rainforest plants that you won’t see in your backyard, it’s the next best thing when we can’t be somewhere tropical.


There’s a word for everything in German, and Wunderkammer says it all. This gift shop translating to ‘cabinet of curiosities’ is home to everything rare, unusual and unique in Melbourne. A collector’s emporium, products include minerals, fossils, insects, preserved animals and ancient science equipment. You’ll never purchase a boring gift again.

A shop filled with knick knacks

More unique Melbourne spots

Hidden spaces in Melbourne

Melbourne is crammed with hidden spaces, nooks and crannies. Here are some gems you may have missed.

Eau de Vie

A bar with liquid nitrogen cocktails, tasting menus, plus a secret lounge hidden behind a bookcase.

The Basement Discs

Offering Australian music lovers an eclectic mix of new CDs, DVDs and vinyl from around the world.

The Drunken Poet

With live Irish music, the Drunken Poet is a real locals' pub: cute, cosy and friendly.

Last updated on Thu 2 Dec 2021

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