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4 Aug

Crime Scenes in a Ghost Town – The Atmospherics of Lockdown

Hear experts explore how lockdowns are transforming space now and into the future.

8 Jul - 26 Jul

Truffle Melbourne: Truffle Confidential Online

A digital festival of truffle cooking, conversation and celebration.

19 May - 31 Aug

Afternoon Tea and Talk

A weekly online discussion series with authors and writers hosted by Astrid Edwards.

13 Aug

BLEED Echo Protocol – The Cultures of the Internet

Join Areej Nur in a conversation on how the internet can create digital cultures across borders.

19 May - 31 Aug

State Library Victoria: Ask a Librarian

Hear State Library librarians share fascinating queries, collection items and FAQs.

29 Jun - 27 Jul

Dancethropology Podcast

Andee Frost's Dancethropology podcast traces the history of dance culture in Melbourne.

11 Aug

More Marvellous Melbourne

This online talk takes you to some of the most celebrated architectural treasures of Melbourne.

7 Jul - 7 Aug

Quarry: A Story about Grief by The Hunt

Quarry: A Story about Grief is an online story by The Hunt about fear, grief and creativity.

21 May - 31 Aug

Our Online Collections

Join expert librarians as they walk you through accessing online databases, ebooks and more.

9 Sep

Building Melbourne: a Mid-Century Architect's Destination

Find out about Beaumaris’ post-WW2 architectural gems.

24 Jul

Wine and Cheese 3.0

Embark on a relaxed, interactive and fun-filled evening of wine and cheese appreciation.

21 May - 26 Aug

Memory Bank: Citizen Collectors Toolkit

Hear how collection specialists build and care for the state’s collection and how you can too.

18 Apr

An Evening with Peter Singer

Hear the world's most influential living philosopher, Peter Singer, in conversation.

23 Jul

Assembly for the Future – Somewhere, Everywhere, Right Here

First Speaker Scott Ludlam creates an international post-capitalist uprising.

4 Nov

Geoffrey Robertson – It's No Longer Hypothetical

A provocative, insightful and witty evening with Geoffrey Robertson QC.

27 Aug

BLEED Echo Protocol – The Curation of the Internet

Areej Nur in a conversation on how every part of our lives has now been officially curated for us.

15 Apr - 14 Oct

Historical Day Tours of Melbourne General Cemetery

‘Meet’ some of Melbourne General Cemetery's who's who in these daytime tours.

25 Jul

Dr Joe Dispenza - The New Normal

Learn the science of how your thoughts can create the life you desire.

16 Jun - 30 Jun

Melbourne Ghost Tour

Uncover the dark criminal history and the true crimes that shook Melbourne to its core.

30 Jul

BLEED Echo Protocol – Algorithms, Art and Surveillance

Join Areej Nur in a conversation about the internet's nature of ubiquitous tracking.