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15 Jul - 9 Sep

KEWL Originals

Enjoy a weekly online release of award-winning short films and features.

10 Jun - 31 Aug

Mountain Goat Mountain

An audio-led theatre experience for families to do in their home together.

22 Jul - 31 Dec

Omoon: 5 Doors

Watch a short puppetry video about lock down time using toilet paper rolls.

5 Dec

The Snowman

Enjoy a family-friendly Christmas concert with a live orchestra and The Snowman on the big screen.

3 Jul - 1 Sep

Caitlin Parker – The Olympic Dream documentary

A film following Caitlin's athletic journey and campaign to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

28 Oct

The Big Bike Film Night

Come along for the ride and see the best cycling short films from around the world!

15 Aug - 23 Aug

Body / Insect / Machine – ACTIVATORS 2

A video artwork and movement experiment between choreography, androids and a stick insect.

20 Jul - 31 Aug

The Untouchables

A collection of monologues drawn from interviews with people about their COVID-19-affected lives.

20 May - 30 Oct

We're All In This Together

Watch a short documentary film exploring Melbourne's queer history.

30 Jul - 30 Sep

Loving Captivity

Loving Captivity is a six-by-six minute romantic comedy about finding love in lockdown.

10 Aug - 20 Aug

Little Shits

Three housemates, and a fourth, navigate the hot-box that is a sharehouse.

26 Aug

Rhapsody in Blue: Monique diMattina Plays Gershwin

Monique diMattina sings and plays renovated Gershwin, including Rhapsody in Blue for solo piano.

18 Aug - 31 Dec

In My Father's Garden

A video by Anna White exploring dance and gardening, with an exciting music soundtrack.

6 Aug - 23 Aug

MIFF 68½

A reimagined celebration of cinema online, featuring a suite of films and special events.