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3 Jul - 7 Aug

Stencil Art Workshop

Learn how to create quirky stencil art on canvas with street artist N20.

11 Oct - 17 Oct

Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week returns for 2021.

23 Aug - 4 Sep

Frenchy Fed Free Workshops

As part of Frenchy Weekends at Fed Square, immerse yourself in French culture with a free workshop.

28 Aug

Perfume Masterclass

Immerse yourself in the world of natural perfumery in an exclusive fragrance masterclass.

26 Mar - 29 Oct

Society of Women Writers Victoria

Sharpen your writing skills and meet other writers in these workshops.

19 Aug - 22 Aug

Australasian Quilt Convention

See the best quilts and learn new techniques.

26 Aug

Design a Brooch from Found Objects

A brooch workshop with Nancy D Lane using found objects.

11 Sep

Enlightenment in the Bedroom

Conversations around sexuality, relationships and intimacy.

11 Aug

Tax Time 2021: Online Workshop

Filling a tax return in 2021 - get the latest info from the Australian Tax Office.

21 Aug

Surface Design on Textile

Learn new ways to decorate textiles using simple techniques and screen printing as your tools.

5 Aug

Tax in Australia: Online Workshop

Get your tax questions answered in this online workshop from the Australian Tax Office.

6 Nov


Learn the technique of floating ink on water to create marbling patterns.

11 Sep

Learn to Grow Mushrooms

Learn about culturing fungi on agar or liquid culture and growing mushrooms on substrates.

6 Aug - 8 Aug

Wood Wide Web: Showing

Be guided by artists and immersed in this underground world.

28 Aug

Sculpt Your Own Crazy Critter

Roll, pinch, poke, scratch and score air dried clay into crazy clay critters.

8 Jul - 27 Sep

CoLab Arts in the Park

A series of exhibitions and workshops in the Fitzroy Gardens.

28 Aug

Women's Self-Defence Basics with Boxing 101 Workshop

Learn various techniques in a safe and empowering environment.

14 Aug

Watercolour Workshop

Learn watercolour techniques and how to use them.

16 Oct

Polymer Clay Dishes

Make your own oven-baked dishes using different decorating techniques.