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26 Apr - 2 May

Melbourne Knowledge Week

An annual festival bringing Melbourne together to explore, discuss and spark new ways of thinking.

24 Apr

Polypropolene Dreams: Making

Make a large-scale puppet creature from recycled materials.

8 May

Stencil Art Workshop

Learn how to create quirky stencil art on canvas with street artist N20.

26 Mar - 29 Oct

Society of Women Writers Victoria

Sharpen your writing skills and meet other writers in these workshops.

19 Aug - 22 Aug

Australasian Quilt Convention

See the best quilts and learn new techniques.

27 Apr - 22 Jun

Digital Art Class - Patterns in our Earth

Tap into unlimited inspiration from Museum Victoria’s diverse collection in this class.

25 Apr

Heirloom Room Sculpture Workshop

Recreate a sentimental object with air-dry clay.

27 Apr - 2 May

Parkour: Learn About Your City

Learn basic parkour skills while reimagining how we engage with urban spaces.

2 May

The Future of Toys

In this workshop, children will explore their creativity as they turn old toys into something new.

28 Apr

Can Melbourne Live in the Doughnut?

A live presentation and Q&A with the visionary creator of ‘doughnut economics’, Kate Raworth.

28 Nov - 31 May

MetaScent Perfumer's Workshop

Create your own perfume to discover the ultimate expression of individuality.

24 Apr

Portage: Shelter2Camp, Jen Rae

What could a Melbourne-centric disaster shelter look like?

21 May

Sushi Masterclass and Omakase Dinner

Sushi masterclass followed by omakase dinner and matching premium drinks.

1 May

The New Gatherings

Join a Melbourne Knowledge Week participatory talk.

27 Apr

Preparing your Body for Labour and Beyond

An online class to help you use physiotherapy knowledge.

20 Apr - 24 Apr

The Breathwork Sessions

A musical journey through conscious connected breath.

12 Jun - 13 Jun

Melbourne International Singers Festival

A weekend of vocal workshops with Australia's finest choral conductors.