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10 Aug

Staffordshire Potters and Their Art: Christine Reid

A talk examining the work of many early 19th century potters and their inspiration.

12 Aug


Hear high-profile female speakers, enjoy boutique pop-ups, gift bags and refreshments.

25 Aug

Western Australia Wildflowers: Online Talk

Enjoy an online talk on the botanical riches of the Cape Le Grande National Park.

12 Aug

Re-generation Youth Festival

A celebration and think-fest to empower youth to be the change they want to see in the world.

11 Aug

Melbourne Stories: Christopher Gribbin

The legacy of ancient Greek architecture in Melbourne.

29 May - 24 Sep

Poetry and Prose Readings

Join this supportive monthly poetry and prose meetup.

23 Nov - 20 Dec

Linguas Melbourne Language Exchange Social

Meet new people and practise speaking another language.

4 Aug

Safer Online Shopping and Banking

Join a webinar on safer online shopping and banking.

13 Jul

18th Century Art in the Western Districts: Matthew Martin

A talk on the Hamilton Gallery and the Shaw bequest.

21 Jul

Australian Botanicals Perfume Masterclass

Learn about Australian botanicals and create your own perfume masterpiece.

10 Aug

Bringing the Outside In: Adelaide Bragg Interior Design Talk

An interior design talk drawing on love of the garden with Adelaide Bragg.

28 Jul

Future Forums: Hardwired for Connection

World-renowned anthropologist Robin Dunbar discusses his social brain hypothesis Dunbar’s Number.

1 Sep

Wonderful Wattles: Talk with Daniel Murphy

Hear a talk on the amazing diversity of the wattle species.

17 Aug

Georgiana Molloy, Female Botanist: Online Talk

Bernice Barry presents an on online talk on the female botanist Georgiana Molloy.

16 Aug

Connecting to Others

Join a webinar on connecting to others.

9 Sep

Staying Safe on Facebook

Join a webinar on staying safe on Facebook.

25 Sep

Boublil and Schönberg in Conversation with Mark Humphries

Hear two of the most celebrated creators of musical theatre talk about their work.

6 Sep

Can You Spot a Scam?

Join a webinar on spotting online scams.

13 Dec

How to Use Zoom to Make Video Calls

Join a webinar on how to use Zoom for video calls.

15 Jun - 19 Oct

Old and Rare Wine Tastings

An exclusive opportunity to sample old and rare wines with a sommelier.