From spicy rice cakes to loaded street toast, there’s a Korean dish for every hour of the day. Here’s our rundown of the tastiest K-spots to get delivered.


Korean aesthetics are taking over town, and Palette's got the vibe on lock. Their signature street toast (gigeori-toast) starts with buttery brioche, fluffy omelette and hash brown. Where you take it next is up to you – but candied bacon is a must. Pair with the official drink of Seoul (iced americano) or a pastel soda. Click and collect your lockdown pick-me-up via their website.


Continue your Korean street-food journey at Sinjeon. It’s the go-to place for Seoul’s number one snack, tteokbokki (pronounced ‘doo-bok-kee’). These sweetly spiced rice cakes pack a chilli-powered punch. Try dipping fried fish cakes into the spicy sauce. Or top with a pot of melted cheese. Of course there’s much more on the menu at Sinjeon, including kimbap (Korean sushi), fried chicken, cheesy corn dogs and bibimbap. Order online.

Bird's-eye view of table full of Korean dishes

Market Soul Soul

This online Korean foodie wonderland combines dishes from fave CBD diners Sam Sam, Guksu, Dooboo and Oppa. Delivery fried chicken comes in a juicy boneless set, with sweet chilli or soy garlic sauce. Score an epic Korean street food combo, with beef gimbap, tteokbokki and assorted tempura. Other cult-status dishes available include jjajangmyun and tofu soup. And yes, you can order from a full range of fruit Soju.

Seoul Toast Bong

Bong Seoul Toast (or Sukbong) is a famous chain with more than 200 stores in Korea. Their one and only Australian store just opened in Healeys Lane. Start simple with egg and cheese, or go OTT with added hash browns and beef bulgogi. Everything on the menu is under $11, and the signature bulgogi toastie will only set you back $8. Open for takeaway and delivery.

An egg sandwich with neon sign behind it
Seoul Toast Bong

Dari Korean Cafe & Bar

Tastebud awakening flavour combos await at Dari. Try the 'idol', a sweet multi-layered marvel in four slices of bread. It starts with creamy potato egg salad, followed by a layer of strawberry jam. And on top? Mexican salad with cabbage, apple, egg and ham. Open for takeaway during lockdown.

Chunky Town

Let us take you down to Chunky Town for deep-fried cheese skewers. AKA Korean hot dogs to go. These K-pop sausages on a stick are crispy and crunchy, drizzled with different sauces. Pair your battered sausage with ketchup, or try mozzarella with mayo. While the CBD store is currently closed, you can DIY with Chunky Town's freezer range available at Tang Asian Food Emporium.

Corn dogs on a stick

Gami Fried Chicken

It’s KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – and ice cold beer. Gami specialise in crispy, spicy chicken and it comes in three flavours: original, sweet chili or soy garlic. Don’t miss ‘Potato Heaven’ – three layers with creamy mash, cheese and wedges are in layered harmony. Cut through the layers with piquant pickled radish. Order online.

Rainbow Toastie

Colour your lunch happy with cult Korean snacks at Rainbow Toastie. The ultimate in Instagrammable munchables, they use a secret blend of tasty and mozzarella cheeses to make this stretchy technicolor treat. Give that rainbow-hued cheese a stretch, and you can’t help but grin. Cheese-paired flavours include ham, sweet potato, pizza and egg. Enjoy with a Korean-style iced coffee. Order online.

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