Stuck for Secret Santa? Kind of forgot about the annual Kris Kringle? These gifts for $20 or less are guaranteed to get you on the nice list. Or check out the custom Christmas gift finder - the ultimate online tool that does the hard yards for you. Just select who you're buying for, what they like and how much you want to spend.

The gift card that grows, $7

This sweet little card has tiny seeds embedded in the paper. After your KK is done reading the heartfelt message you inscribe, they can plant it and watch your love grow. Made in Australia by Plant Go Round.

A sleeping deer drawn on a card
The gift card that grows

Wine infused salt, $9

Who doesn't love a rich drop of red? Gift your vino loving mate with this mini tin of merlot infused rock salt, where the fruity aromas of the vineyard combine with Gewurzhaus' top quality salt.

Famous Alfajores, $18

You can’t walk past the gift packs of Alfajores from San Telmo. These melt-in-the-mouth cookies define the café scene in Buenos Aires and are only $18 for four. Or try the house-made Dulche de Leche. Made by slowly simmering condensed milk for hours, this sweet dessert condiment can be spread on pancakes, mixed into a custard or just eaten straight out of the jar.

Gift pack of four cookies dusted with icing sugar
San Telmo’s Alfajore gift pack

Sunlight photo kit, $15

Make art vs science with this DIY photo kit from Melbourne Museum. The sunprint kit uses UV rays to make a photographic imprint of whatever you lay upon it. Perfect for photography nerds young and old.

Japanese cat magnets, $14

This adorable set of six mini-magnets from Monster Threads come in an array of cat shaped cuteness. They're purr-fect for cat lovers of all ages. Not just fun, these functional design pieces utilize powerful neodymium magnets for a strong hold.

Six mini cat figurines
Your fridge's purr-fect match

Life changing kitchen peeler, $15

Queen Victoria Market’s Aussie Kitchen Gadgets best-selling tool does it all – peel, grate, scoop, julienne, shave, whatever. The wide handle grip, double edge serrated blade and super gripping effect means food prep is a complete cinch.

Different vegetable peelers on a table
Spiralise before your eyes

Reusable gin stones, $18

Gifting for a gin lover? Spoilt's gin stones are the perfect alternative for keeping your cool. The frozen stones stay cold inside all spirited bevs, without the watery side effects of melting ice cubes.

Eco-friendly reusable face wipes, $20

Designed and printed in Australia, QVWC Shop's reusable face wipes are perfect for eco-beauty fiends. Made from organic cotton fabric, the wipes can be machine washed and reused for yonks. Once you're done with them, they're 100% home compostable. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Two pieces of cloth on a table
Reusable face wipes

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