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Walks and itineraries

These self-guided walks and itineraries will help you discover Melbourne's best sights.

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Get $15 weekday car parking at city car parks

Get $15 weekday car parking at carparks across the city.

The ultimate guide to walking tours in Melbourne

Guided tours that weave through Melbourne's hidden gems, foodie spots and street art.

Visitor info

Plan your visit to Melbourne with all info and tips on what to see and how to get around.


Browse maps of inner Melbourne or drop into a visitor hub to pick one up.

Virtual Visitor Hub

Book a time to get tailored advice on how to spend your time in Melbourne and regional Victoria.


Driving and parking in the city is easy and safe​, with plenty of car spaces available.

Melbourne music walk

Discover Melbourne’s music highlights, from music venues to busking hot spots and historic sites.

Taxis and rideshare

Taxis and ridesharing services make getting around Melbourne easy.

Classic icons and architecture walk

Take a walk through Melbourne's classic icons and architecture.


Hop on a bike and enjoy a spin around Melbourne, a proud cycling-friendly city.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Public transport

Explore the city with Melbourne's trams and extensive train and bus networks.

Practical info

Tips and information to get the most out of your visit to Melbourne.

Yarra River discovery walk

Take a walk along Melbourne's vibrant waterfront to discover history, art and culture.

Heart of the city walk

Take a walk through legendary landmarks, iconic malls, hidden little streets and art-filled alleys.

Getting around

Melbourne is easy to explore by bike, tram, bus, train or taxi.​​​​​​​​​​​​​