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Fully customisable frozen yoghurt masterpieces.


Rotating flavours of gelato and sorbet in a cone-shaped store by the water.

Piccolina Gelateria

Enjoy pure and authentic Italian gelato from Piccolina's Hardware Lane shop.


Fresh gelato in loads of flavours.

Casa del Gelato

An award-winning gelati shop that has been making delicious ice cream on Lygon Street since 1980.

The dessert lovers guide to Easter

The city's best hot cross buns, vegan chocolate, Easter eggs and more.

Lavezzi Gelateria

Gelato made from scratch, using high-quality raw ingredients.

Where to find Melbourne's best Nutella desserts

Nutella loaded waffles, crepes, doughnuts, pizza and more.

Il Dolce Freddo

Innovative and delicious gelato made in-house.

Gelateria on The Docks

Serving the best ice cream and gelato in Docklands.


Great for unique flavours of gelato, quality coffees and sandwiches, cakes and bread.

Chocolateria San Churro

In Carlton, delicious Spanish doughnuts, chocolate dipping sauce and loads of hot chocolate options.

Zero Gradi Crown

Gelateria serving gelato, Italian pastries, coffee, and more from dawn until dusk.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe

Quality chocolates, decadent drinks and lavish ice cream.

Ben and Jerry's

This iconic ice cream chain is known for fun and innovative flavours.