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17 Jun - 22 Sep

An Interior Life: William Johnston and his Collection

An Interior Life offers a traditional interpretation of the Johnston Collection.

4 Jul - 28 Nov

De-Construction/Re-Construction – Creativity Cluster

An exhibition inspired by the many construction works in the city for the new metro train loop.

28 Apr - 20 Jul

Dual Existence

Dual Existence is an online gallery dedicated to performance art by emerging artists.

30 Jun - 10 Aug

Emporium of Pain

Emporium of Pain is an underground art online gallery.

18 Feb - 7 Mar

PHOTO 2021

PHOTO 2021 is a major new international festival of photography.

5 Oct - 2 Feb

Jubilation: Diamonds and Pearls

An exhibition featuring works from members of the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.

23 Jul

Assembly for the Future – Somewhere, Everywhere, Right Here

First Speaker Scott Ludlam creates an international post-capitalist uprising.

27 Sep - 31 Oct

Petrina Hicks: Bleached Gothic Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the NGV's exhibition of the celebrated Australian photographer.

17 Aug - 31 Oct

Marking Time Virtual and Video Tours

Exploring markings on public surfaces across Indigenous Australia.

24 Apr - 31 Oct

Collecting Comme Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the NGV's fashion exhibition.

27 Aug

BLEED Echo Protocol – The Curation of the Internet

Areej Nur in a conversation on how every part of our lives has now been officially curated for us.

8 Jul - 30 Nov

Knowledge Economy

Watch videos that will get your creative juices flowing, with some fascinating tips from artists.

10 Sep - 27 Sep

Photo 2020 – Garden Variety

Contemplate contemporary photographic installations as you wind your way through Melbourne Gardens.

1 Jul - 18 Jul

Photographic Tunnelling

'Photographic Tunnelling' by Emma Hamilton explores the intersections of photography and sculpture.

28 Aug - 30 Aug

Boho Luxe Market and Glamping Festival

The third annual Boho Luxe Market and Glamping Festival brings that Byron Bay vibe to Melbourne.

1 Dec - 31 Oct

Haring | Basquiat: Crossing Lines Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the NGV's last blockbuster exhibition.

4 Feb - 7 Feb

Melbourne Art Fair

Melbourne Art Fair presents iconic and new work from the region’s most respected galleries.

26 Jun - 30 Aug

BLEED: Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital

From IRL to URL, BLEED is a festival wherever you are online.

20 May - 30 Sep

Quivering in Quarantine

This online exhibition features work from artists and writers made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

25 Mar - 1 Aug

NGV Channel

NGV Channel includes virtual guided exhibition tours, interviews and documentaries.