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2 Apr - 19 Jun

Frances Barrett: Meatus

A collaborative sonic exhibition featuring compositions, live performance and a sound installation.

28 Apr - 4 Jun

The Portrait

A selection of artists consider the portrait as part of Photo 2022.

21 Jun - 16 Jul

Annika Romeyn: Turbulence

Artist Annika Romeyn's new series of large-scale watercolour monotypes.

15 Oct - 31 Jul

Art of Science

An exhibition of mesmerising artworks created by medical researchers.

9 Mar - 26 Jun

Epic and Divine: Dante's World

Enter the incredible mind of Dante Alighieri in an exhibition celebrating his life and work

29 Apr - 22 May

Gillian Wearing: Editing Life

The British artist turns the lens on herself in this exploration of memory and mortality.

24 May

Queer Dreams

A storytelling event celebrating Queer: Stories from the NGV Collection exhibition.

30 Apr - 28 May

Paul Handley: Saccades

A new exhibition of large sculpture by Paul Handley.

26 Jun - 12 Jul

Gabriella Imrichova: Methods for Collapse

A live performance score that develops over the course of the exhibition.

5 Apr - 31 Jul

Flânerie Parallèle

A photographic exhibition by Claire Ropartz.

2 May - 24 Jun

Behind the Lines: The Year in Political Cartoons

See the political cartoons that managed to reduce 2021's complex issues into bite-sized images.

9 Apr - 28 Aug

Transforming Worlds

An exhibition celebrating artistic traditions developed by communities across India.

20 Apr - 22 Jul

From Mundane to Friday: The Art of Everyday Melbourne

An exhibition considering the ephemera of the everyday and what it reveals about us.

11 May - 2 Jun

Margaret Parker: Woodlands

An exhibition focusing on the magnificent river red gum.

29 Jun - 16 Jul

Nothing is Sacred: Methods for Destruction

A live performance score inviting the audience to be viewers of an entire creative process.

16 Mar - 11 Sep

William Johnston: His Residence & Collection

Enjoy a visually enticing display of over 400 years of art history.

4 May - 21 May

Nets and Traps

Carolina Arsenii's Nets and Traps explores chaos and unpredictability

8 Jun - 1 Jul

Dwayne Hutton: Looking for Meaning, Exploring with Colour

An exhibition exploring the communication of emotion through painting.

17 May - 31 Jul

Pellettiere: Leather Maker Exhibition

An exhibition on leather work and art in the Italian Australian community.

21 Jun - 16 Jul

Christine Willcocks: Stone Diaries

Artworks that explore notions of museology, rocks and the natural world.