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Spring Street Grocer

Gelato, groceries, coffee, gourmet foods and cheese all under one roof.


A hip café serving modern Mediterranean street food, using fresh, seasonal produce.

2 Jun - 25 Aug

Winter Night Market

Wednesdays in winter at Queen Victoria Market, with food, shopping and entertainment.


Cafe staples and legendary cakes from a baking master.

Reverie Cafe

Reverie Cafe at Ella bakes your morning pastry fresh daily to enjoy with a full-bodied coffee.

Ten things for $10 or less

Featuring margaritas, secret foodie spots, stunning exhibits and more.

The ultimate guide to Chinatown

Where to eat, drink and karaoke the night away in Melbourne's famous Chinatown precinct.

How to experience the best of NYC in Melbourne

Cocktails, bagels and thrift store fashion. Here's how to find the best of New York in Melbourne.

Che Desserts

Vietnamese desserts and drinks shop.

Dessert Story

Offering different types of Asian desserts: tofu pudding, herbal jelly and crushed ice.

21 May

Asian Desserts with Jean Silk

Watch an online Asian dessert cooking demonstration.

Melbourne's most iconic desserts

Find the best doughnuts, designer desserts, peanut butter loaded treats and more.

BlackBall ChinaTown

Serving a selection of authentic Taiwanese desserts and teas.


Artisan dessert store featuring bespoke ice cream flavours and delicious cakes.

Lustre Bar

A cocktail and dessert bar above Flinders Lane.


Korean dessert cafe offering a modern take on traditional bingsu.

Sweet Canteen

A desserts, pastries, and coffee shop hidden in the colourful Driver Lane.

Royal Custard Puff

Takeaway custard-based desserts located in the Midcity Arcade.

Rainbow Toastie

Cafe serving rainbow-coloured cheese toasties and Korean desserts, such as raindrop cake.

Caffe Bambino

Docklands cafe serving Italian-inspired breakfast, lunch, coffee and desserts.