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Melbourne music walk

Discover Melbourne’s music highlights, from music venues to busking hot spots and historic sites.


Game Night: Beau Emmett and Elvis Richardson

An exhibition of sculptures that rearranges familiar domestic objects.

Kings Artist-Run Initiative

Space for contemporary art practice and gallery showcasing experimental projects.

Hamer Hall

This multi-level concert hall is the largest venue at the Arts Centre.


Jewellery and Body Adornment from the NGV Collection

Explore this exquisite selection of jewellery and body adornment from antiquity to the present day.

Neon Parc

Commercial art gallery exhibiting a diverse range of contemporary art throughout the year.

Hellenic Museum

Discover Greek art, history and culture, both ancient and contemporary.

Grainger Museum

An autobiographical museum of acclaimed musician and composer Percy Grainger.

West End Art Space

A contemporary art gallery with a focus on living artists that strive for excellence.


Rigg Design Prize

The Rigg Design Prize is the first exhibition of communication design in the NGV’s history.

Mystik River Gallery

Specialising in the ancient art of Indian sculpting.

Outre Gallery

Alternative art gallery specialising in lowbrow, pop surrealism and underground art.

Freedom of Movement

An exhibition of contemporary art and design from the NGV collection.

Melbourne's essential night-time events

From hidden laneway markets to winter wonderlands, Melbourne gets lit once the lights go out.

Aperture f/1.2_Shallow Inlet

A billboard-sized outdoor artwork by James Geurts on the Hero Apartment Building.

The Capitol

An extraordinary refurbished cinema and destination for events, festivals and live performances.

The Comics Lounge Comedy Club

Enjoy a night of laughs, cocktails, food and friends with stand-up comedy acts.

Anna Schwartz Gallery

The gallery represents over 30 established and emerging artists on individual projects.

Australian Music Vault

A celebration of Australian contemporary music – past, present and future.

The Improv Conspiracy

Theatre and training centre with four weekly comedy nights and public workshops on improvisation.