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Melbourne Museum

Explore history, culture, science, and nature at this popular Melbourne attraction.

Melbourne music walk

Discover Melbourne’s music highlights, from music venues to busking hot spots and historic sites.

Kings Artist-Run Initiative

Space for contemporary art practice and gallery showcasing experimental projects.

Ancestral Memory

A huge digital projection of the spirit eel will weave its way along the façade of Hamer Hall.

Immigration Museum

An exploration of the stories of people from all over the world who have migrated to Australia.

15 Jul

On the Way

Exhibition party for photographic show, On the Way.

Hamer Hall

This multi-level concert hall is the largest venue at the Arts Centre.

Neon Parc

Commercial art gallery exhibiting a diverse range of contemporary art throughout the year.

30 Jun - 6 Aug

And She Was Wearing Trousers: A Call to Our Heroines

Southern African heroines of the past come alive in this rich new exhibition.

Grainger Museum

An autobiographical museum of acclaimed musician and composer Percy Grainger.

West End Art Space

A contemporary art gallery with a focus on living artists that strive for excellence.

1 Jun - 24 Jul


A mesmerising symphony of light, sound and joy, staged in a breathtaking mirror maze.

12 Jul - 14 Aug

Aaron Ashwood and Yolanda Scholz Vinall: Patchwork

An immersive painting installation of mixed media paintings on canvas and repurposed materials.

19 Jul - 30 Jul

Boljevic and Palacio: The Book of Fabulas and Scented Echoes

Classic European paintings juxtaposed with Australian daily life imagery, plus poetic descriptions.

Mystik River Gallery

Specialising in the ancient art of Indian sculpting.

Outre Gallery

Alternative art gallery specialising in lowbrow, pop surrealism and underground art.

Victorian Artists Society

Hosts exhibitions of national and international historic significance, art classes and workshops.

18 Jul - 26 Aug

Sharing Schools, Building Communities

This exhibition showcases the potential for developing and sustaining schools as community hubs.

23 Jul

Rara Zulu

A live performance by soul / R'n'B artist Rara Zulu.

1 Jul - 7 Aug

The Eyes

Explore your discomfort zone as The Eyes watch you, watching them, watching you.