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30 Apr - 30 Jul

Tequila Masterclass

Become a tequila and agave connoisseur.

27 May

Guilfoyle's Volcano and Surrounds: Insiders' Walk

Explore the striking volcanic feature of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

18 Jun

Jams for Juniors: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Introduce babies and toddlers to the magic of music with The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

18 May - 3 Jul

The Wizard's Den: Semester II

A theatre show meets an escape room, with cocktails.

16 May - 22 May

Victorian Law Week

Find answers to your legal questions during Victorian Law Week.

19 Feb - 31 May

Chocolate Painting Workshops

A painting workshop that will appeal to all senses.

11 Jun

Story Houses and Found Objects Workshops

An exhibition and workshops that explore community and hope through storytelling and art.

28 May

Cacao, Rum, Duck and Pinot

Learn how to make rum balls and spiced rum cocktails.

8 Nov - 31 Dec

Tavern Trivia

Join the Monday-night pop culture and gaming quiz quest at Fortress Melbourne.

7 Jul

Introducing Spinifex Gum

Meet the team behind powerful musical and political collaboration Spinifex Gum.

10 May - 21 Jun

Express Book Chat

Pop in to the express book bar on Little Collins Street and join a monthly chat.

7 May - 4 Jun

Capoeira Angola

Learn about the art of Afro-Brazilian capoeira in these open days.

28 Apr - 1 Dec

Stompers at Southbank Library at Boyd

Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes and fun at Southbank Library Stompers.

27 May - 29 May

Shuniya: Deepen and Inspire Your Yoga

Uncover mystical and pivotal concepts in yogic tradition and put them into practice.

26 Apr - 29 Nov

Stompers at Library at The Dock

Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes and fun at Library at the Dock Stompers.

2 May - 28 Nov

Songbirds at Southbank Library at Boyd

Engage your young bookworm with stories, songs, rhymes at Southbank Library Songbirds.

28 Apr - 1 Dec

Preschool Storytime at Kathleen Syme Library

Share the wonder of books with your child at Kathleen Syme Library Preschool Storytime.

29 Apr - 25 Nov

Preschool Elizabeth Street Pop-up Library

Share the wonder of books with your child at Elizabeth Street Pop-up Library Preschool Storytime.

19 May - 22 Jun

Ging Thai's School of Wok

Join Ging Thai’s Chef On for a culinary tour of Thai flavours in an intimate cooking experience.

23 Nov - 28 Jun

Linguas Melbourne Language Exchange Social

Meet new people and practise speaking another language.