As we leave summer behind and embrace the cold snap, it’s the perfect time to up your umbrella game. From colourful prints to compact designs, here are some of the best to buy for winter.

NGV Great Hall umbrella

If there’s one thing you tend to avoid when you’re under an umbrella, it’s looking up. But with this ultimate ode to Melbourne, you’ll be looking up in the rain more often. Head to the NGV to see the iconic stained glass ceiling in the soaring Great Hall, then head to the NGV Design Store to buy their Great Hall Umbrella, printed underside in the pretty glass patterns. Find it online or buy in store.

A stained glass ceiling in an open hall
You'll always have the best view with a Great Hall inspired umbrella

Floss and Rock colour changing umbrella

Keen to get your kids their own umbrella when the rain sets in? Struggling to keep them under it, and out of puddles? Try this cute Floss and Rock colour changing umbrella from Stranger Than Paradise Gifts in North Melbourne. The patterns change when it gets wet, then change back again when it’s dry. It’s a little bit of magic for a gloomy day. Find it online or buy in store.

Marimekko Unikko mini umbrella

For this winter’s happiest umbrella, head to Marimekko’s extensive, light-filled store in Emporium. The Unikko is named after the iconic poppy design featured in bright red across the top, and transforms into one of this season’s smallest umbrellas. Perfect to pop into your bag without adding unnecessary bulk. Find it online or buy in store.

A woman holding a bright coloured umbrella outside a cafe
The Marimekko umbrella

Melbourne Maps printed umbrella

Ever get lost in the city? Well, this might be the perfect solution. The underside of this super-cool umbrella from ACMI Shop features a Melway map print of Melbourne. Wander through local laneways and hidden alleys as you explore the city with the brolly as your guide. Find it online or buy in store.

Suck UK Colour Changing umbrella

Just because your kids are having fun in the wet weather, doesn’t mean you can’t too. Head to Readings in Carlton to pick up this little gem. The adult take on a colour changing umbrella sees its sleek black exterior transform in the rain to reveal a rainbow of tiny raindrops across the top. Turns out magic can be for adults too. Find it online or buy in store.

Blunt Coupe umbrella Coupe

At North Melbourne’s Make Designed Objects you’ll find everything chic in the world of design. So it’s no surprise they carry one of the hottest umbrellas going around at the moment – the uniquely shaped Blunt Coupe. In a range of pop colours, this is touted to be the world’s strongest umbrella, rated to a Force 11 wind tunnel. Find it online or buy in store.

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