Hop on a bike and enjoy a spin around Melbourne, which is proud to be a cycling-friendly city.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

With dedicated bike tracks and an impressive network of on-road bike lanes, it's easy to ride around Melbourne and take in its many magnificent sites. The City of Melbourne is committed to improving end-of-trip facilities and paths to assist cyclists and encouraging more cycling.

The TravelSmart map provides information on cycling paths, the low-down on bike lanes, where to park your bike and more. Download the TravelSmart map or pick one up at a visitor centre.

Before taking to the street, update yourself on the road cycling code of conduct, road rules and traffic regulations.

Get a helmet

Riding without a bike helmet is illegal in Australia. Visit one of the city's cycling stores for helmets and cycling gear.

Further information

The City of Melbourne is committed to supporting cycling. Read the Melbourne Bicycle Plan and discover Melbourne's vision for becoming a bike-friendly city, or find out more about cycling in Melbourne.