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18 Oct - 5 Nov

Michael Simms: Memory and Dust

Depictions of the vast open spaces of the Australian landscape and the human form.

18 Oct - 5 Nov

The Sensual World: Lucy Roleff, Ely Smithwick & Jesse Dayan

An exhibition of new works by three artists and friends.

15 Oct - 20 Feb

China – The Past is Present

Highlights from the NGV’s collections of Chinese art and design.

14 Sep - 14 Feb

Off the Grid

An exhibition of French artist Invader and Melbourne street art in the early 2000s.

22 Apr - 23 Apr

Romance Author and Reader Events: Signing

Meet more than 200 best-selling authors from around the world.

11 Aug - 31 Dec

The Story of the Moving Image

An ongoing exhibition that journeys through the past, present and future of the moving image.

13 Aug - 3 Dec


Swarm delves into the science and art behind what it means to be part of a pack.

1 Oct

Confluence of Culture: Picasso, France, Spain and Diaspora

Listen to an expert discuss Picasso's many cultural influences.

17 Sep - 2 Oct

The Art of Botanical Illustration

See one of Australia's most prestigious botanical art exhibitions.

16 Nov - 27 Sep

NGV Architecture Commission: Temple of Boom

An outdoor installation in the NGV garden inspired by the The Parthenon.

10 Jun - 7 Oct

NGV Friday Nights

NGV Friday Nights returns with local music, outdoor dining, food and bespoke bars.

14 Aug - 10 Nov

Knox Bertie: Annica

Photographer Knox Bertie documents the latest incarnation of life in Sydney.

11 Aug - 31 Dec

Protest Melbourne

From the 1840s Melburnians took to the streets to express their views on a wide range of issues.

11 Oct - 22 Oct

Naomi Bishop: Subtle Realms

An exhibition of paintings inspired by the connection between science and myth.

3 Oct - 28 Oct

Greenhouse Conservatory

Discover a plant paradise in this interactive display.

15 Sep - 26 Sep

VAS Country Members Exhibition

An exhibition of art celebrating the creativity of artists practicing in regional Victoria.

12 Oct

Activism on the Goldfields: Free History Talk

Hear about gold rush era Victoria from the perspective of the Chinese miners.

26 Oct - 17 Nov

Actually Autistic: An Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating, nurturing and empowering autistic creativity.

25 Nov - 27 Nov


Visit the world's largest and longest running adult exhibition.