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14 Jan - 23 Jan

An Exploration of the Manifestations of Fujoshilism

An Exploration of the Manifestations of Fujoshilism is part of the Summer Studio Residency Program.

26 Jan - 7 Feb

Terra Incognita – Harry Rothel

An exhibition of landscapes reimagined through the application of fanciful terrain and characters.

8 Nov - 28 Feb

Honouring Warrior Woman – Lisa Bellear

Visit Warrior Woman Lane to celebrate the life of Lisa Bellear.

13 Aug - 30 Jun

Unwelcome Visitant

Unwelcome Vistant explores what it means to read The Plague by Albert Camus during a real pandemic.

13 Jan - 23 Jan

Suburban Haunts

A multi-disciplinary art exhibition exploring uneasiness at home

14 Jan - 23 Jan

The A.R.I. World Tour 2020

The A.R.I. World Tour 2020 is part of Blindside's Summer Studio Residency Program

15 Aug - 27 Jun

Women Work for Victory in WWII

Explore the story of women on the home front during the Second World War.

18 Feb - 7 Mar

PHOTO 2021

An international festival of photography across 40 cultural institutions.

Wild: Amazing Animals in a Changing World 

Experience Wild: Amazing Animals in a Changing World one last time before the exhibition closes.

1 Dec - 23 Feb

Jubilation: Diamonds and Pearls

An exhibition featuring works from members of the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.

8 Jan - 14 Feb

Maclay Heriot: Dirt, Dust and Grain

Exhibition of music photographer Maclay Heriot at Leica Gallery.

18 Jan - 31 May

Yarra: Stories of Melbourne's River

Explores the chequered history of the stream we call the ‘city’s river’.

19 Jan - 31 Dec

Melbourne Digital Time Capsule

Explore what Melbourne really looked like during the 2020 lockdown.

27 Aug - 29 Aug

Boho Luxe Market and Glamping Festival

The 2021 Boho Luxe Market and Glamping Festival brings that Byron Bay vibe to Melbourne.

How to explore Melbourne’s newest outdoor art exhibition

Explore Melbourne's newest outdoor art exhibition.

22 Jan

Self Imposed Rules

A solo exhibition by Craig Cole

27 Aug - 29 Aug

Boho Bride

Don't miss Boho Bride 2021 if you're dreaming of a bohemian-themed wedding, birthday or celebration.

16 Jul - 18 Jul

Baby to Toddler Show

There's something for everyone, no matter the stage of parenthood, at the Baby to Toddler Show.

27 Jun - 26 May

Wayward Women?

Meet some women who don't fit the stereotype of demure Victorian womanhood.

What's free in Melbourne this month

Everything you can do, see and enjoy in Melbourne for free this month.