Flash Forward is the epic new creative program taking over 40 city laneways with music, murals and more from the best local talent. Check out these stunning new artworks the next time you visit the city.

Drewery Alley

Inspired by visions of a mystical shrine, artist Jaz Mishap has created a towering mural at the end of this narrow lane. The floating apparition is painted in Mishap’s signature colourful, vibrant style. Gaze up to see the figure drawing down its mask, revealing a face split down the middle.

A mural painted on a wall
Jaz Mishap's mural in Drewery Alley

Stevenson Lane

Find beauty among the bins when you visit Stevenson Lane after dark. Here you'll see Jarra Karalinar Steel's floating sea of neon possums lighting up the alley. Keep an eye out for humorous hidden prints by artist Olana Janfa, also in Stevenson Lane.

A laneway with neon lights strung across it
'Walert Murrup' by Jarra Karalinar Steel in Stevenson Lane

Little Lonsdale Street

Check out one of the largest works next to Melbourne Central on Little Lonsdale Street. Celeste Mountjoy, also known as @filthyratbag, has delivered a massive 15m mural to the side of a building. The eye-catching piece tales a humorous look at human-cat relationships.

A large street art mural of a human sized cat, holding a cat sized human.
Vacuum, Celeste Mountjoy. Photo by Ian Laidlaw.

Highlander Lane

This immersive, towering mural can be found in a little laneway nook off Highlander Lane. Tessellated stripes of blue, pink and black create an almost moving pattern of colours and shapes. The piece was created by new media artist Nick Azidis, who specialises in large-scale artworks that play with the viewer's perception of their surroundings.

A woman standing in front of a tall mural in a laneway
Nick Azidis Highlander Lane mural

Wills Street

A giant crumped paint can now towers over this quiet city street. Created by visual artist LING, the sculpture is a response to clients commissioning graffiti-inspired artworks without really understanding or respecting the community it comes from.

A giant paint can sculpture in a street
Crushed Can, LING

Meyers Place

Head to Meyers Place after dark to uncover Aretha Brown's self-described 'comic book' style depiction of colonialism in Australia. Each panel tells a different part of the story, from life in pre-Cook Australia to the artists' present-day experience as an Aboriginal person. Scroll through the panels online for Brown's own explanation of each image.

Neon signs and artworks in a laneway
Light box installations by Aretha Brown

Langs Lane

The city's West end is a street art spotters dream, with endless works hidden in many unlikely places. The latest is Shawn Lu's sprawling ecosystem splashed across Langs Lane. The 'Still, Life!' landscape is an earthy toned scene of twisted trees, bikes and automobiles.

A brown and green mural painted on the side of a building
Still, Life!, Shawn Lu

Rainbow Alley

You've probably been down this little lane on your way to Cabinet Bar. Now a bright and colourful mural by visual artist Gonketa lights the way. Completed partially in lockdown, the pattern of hand shapes is based on Australian Sign Language.

A street art mural with painted hand shapes in a laneway
The Handshapes no.1, Gonketa

Lees Place 

Plastered on the side of the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, you’ll find a series of characters painted by FIKARIS. Each figure strikes a pose in connection with a different title. Scan the wall for The Socialist, The Tireless, The Genuine and more. Look familiar? Every character is based on a real person, posing at work during the pandemic.

An artwork of people posed in different positions painted on the exterior wall of a pub

Finlay Alley

Which other city can boast an 18-metre tall artwork dedicated to the lead singer of a Simpsons-themed doom metal band? Process that info as you find your way to Finlay Alley, where LING's mega mural lies in wait. And yes, that’s a Stonecutters inspired look you see.

A tall mural of a man dressed in a robe and holding a sceptre
Stonecutters mural, LING

More murals

Round out your laneway journey and spot more completed murals in Kirks Lane, Bourke Place, Evans Lane, Hughs Alley and Whitehart Lane. Stay tuned to the Flash Foward socials for more upcoming works.

A street art mural with a womans face and a small cat
Tayla Broekman's mural in Bourke Place

Last updated on Thu 9 Feb 2023

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