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Melbourne Visitor Shuttle refund - Terms and conditions


General information

The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle strives to provide a service that meets the needs and expectations of its customers. In some circumstances, the customer experience may be impacted and the customer may be entitled to a refund.

The following terms and conditions outline the circumstances in which a refund may be provided.

A refund will be issued in circumstances beyond the customer’s control, namely:

  1. The service was unexpectedly cancelled by the operator.
  2. The service was delayed for a period considered unreasonable due to technical problems or traffic conditions. Customers should be aware that service to timetable will, from time to time, be subject to minor delay due to local traffic conditions.
  3. Access to the service or bus stops was restricted or obstructed due to factors or circumstances in the local area including event activity, road conditions and extreme weather.
  4. Problem with the ticket machines where payment was debited via a credit card or coins however the machine did not dispense a ticket.

A refund for ticket will not be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. Ticket validity
    A ticket is valid for use for the period specified from the date of purchase. Requests to change the date on the ticket after purchase will not be granted.
  2. Ticket to travel
    A ticket for travel must be made available for inspection by the driver upon boarding the shuttle. Customers should keep their ticket safe as a replacement ticket will not be issued.
  3. Change of mind
    A refund will not be granted for a change of mind.
  4. Timeframe for refund request
    A request for a refund should be made within 60 days of a ticket purchase. Requests that fall outside of this timeframe will not be considered.
  5. Credit card purchase at ticket machines
    As displayed on the ticket machines, ticket purchases with credit cards can only be made using MasterCard and Visa. Other credit cards, such as AMEX, cannot be accepted and a transaction will not be debited.

How to request a refund:

If a refund claim is deemed eligible based on the terms and conditions listed above, customers can lodge their application form and proof of purchase through the following channels:

Please note that refunds are processed electronically and not issued on the spot. Customers should be aware that a waiting period of up to six-weeks will apply before a refund is finalised. Refunds, where payable, will be paid via cheque only.


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