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Tourists in a Melbourne laneway

The following are now CLOSED, to reduce risk of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19): Melbourne Visitor hubs and booths, Cooks' Cottage and the Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre. 

More information on coronavirus.​​​​​​​​​

Image of Visitor services
Get the most out of your visit to the city with Melbourne’s visitor services. Find us in more locations across the city and on the ground at popular events and destinations.
Image of Walks and itineraries
These Melbourne walks and itineraries will help you discover the city, whether you have a whole week to immerse yourself or just a few hours to explore.​
Image of Maps
Discover Melbourne with this range of central Melbourne maps or drop into a visitor hub for free visitor maps of Melbourne and Victoria.
Image of Attractions
See Melbourne's attractions from any angle – from the pages of history, across the skyline, on the water, via art or on a big screen.
Image of Tour & cruise operators
There are many ways to get the inside word on what's hot in Melbourne – take a guided tour or enjoy a relaxing cruise on the river.
Image of Accessibility
Melbourne is a proudly accessible city and most of its attractions can be enjoyed by everyone.
Image of Transport
Melbourne is easy to explore by bike, tram, bus, train or taxi.
Image of Travel tips
Knowing where to access wifi, make a phone call or withdraw cash is impoGet the most out of your stay in Melbourne with these tips, including free WiFi access, shopping hours and transport connections.
To reduce risk of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) our visitor services are currently closed, but you can still reach us via:


Phone: (03) 9658 9658 – Monday to Friday during business hours

              (03) 9658 9942 or (03) 9658 9514 – Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

Or via Facebook or Instagram

More information on coronavirus COVID-19​


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