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Melbourne Visitor Centre
Visitors will find much to love in Melbourne. On every street and laneway, there are shopping, dining and cultural experiences to discover. It's all here – let a local show you the way.
Image of Visitor services
Make the most of your time in Melbourne and tap into our wealth of local knowledge. Our friendly staff and volunteers are here to help – with insider tips and ideas on what to see and do in Melbourne.
Image of Walks and itineraries
Walks and itineraries to help you discover the City of Melbourne
Image of Accessibility
Melbourne is a proudly accessible city and most of its attractions can be enjoyed by everyone.
Image of Maps
Print or view a map of central Melbourne or use your smartphone to navigate online.
Image of Attractions
See Melbourne's attractions from any angle – from the pages of history, across the skyline, on the water, via art or on a big screen.
Image of Accommodation
Melbourne is home to a wide range of accommodation options for visitors. From quaint B&Bs and boutique hotels to 5-star indulgence or budget hostels, the options are endless.
Image of Tour & cruise operators
There are many ways to get the inside word on what's hot in Melbourne – take a guided tour or enjoy a relaxing cruise on the river.
Image of Foreign-language guides
Download information on Melbourne in your own language – we have brochures in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
Image of Transport
Melbourne is easy to explore by bike, tram, bus, train or taxi.
Image of Travel tips
Knowing where to access wifi, make a phone call or withdraw cash is important in any city. The following is a basic guide to day-to-day services and facilities in Melbourne.


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