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Hakata Gensuke - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Hakata Gensuke

Hakata Gensuke is a Japanese ramen bar that specialises in pork bone noodle soup and dipping noodles. Gensuke tonkotsu soup is made using the highest quality fresh pork bones.
Hana - Restaurants - MELBOURNE


Hana is inspired by the adventurous spirit of the drive along Maui’s Hana highway, a Hawaiian winding, coastal road.
Hawker Chan - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan has brought the world's cheapest Michelin-starred meal to Melbourne. Enjoy a range of Hong Kong-style barbecued meats: crisp-skinned soy chicken, pork ribs, and crisp-skinned roast pork. Eat with rice or noodles, plus seasonal vegetables.
Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant

Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant serves authentic roast Peking duck – one of the best in town – as well as Peking, Shanghai and Szechwan cuisine. Peking duck lovers have been coming to Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant for more than 20 years.
Fancy Hank's - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Fancy Hank's

Fancy Hank’s serve American-style, slow-cooked BBQ meats, cooked in a custom-built, 2 tonne smoker. Brisket, ribs and pulled-pork sit alongside the traditional sides as well as a number of unique dishes.
The Pancake Parlour - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

The Pancake Parlour

A family choice for decades, the Pancake Parlour is a Melbourne institution for sweet or savoury pancakes and crepes, from breakfast to supper. Other menu items include steak, fish, chicken and salads, and all-day breakfast on weekends.
Squires Loft Docklands - Restaurants - DOCKLANDS

Squires Loft Docklands

Great steaks paired with a selection of flavours are the hallmark at Squires Loft, with more than a dozen Squires restaurants around the country.
Izakaya Den - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Izakaya Den

Just like the traditional sake bars found all over Japan, Izakaya Den is a welcome place to relax and perhaps let loose after a hard day’s work.
The Queensberry Pour House - Restaurants - CARLTON

The Queensberry Pour House

The Queensberry Pour House is modelled on the classic American diner, with bottomless cups of filter coffee and a homey atmostphere. The menu features staples such as salads and rolls, as well as hearty pies and meatball subs.
Gyoza Gyoza - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Gyoza Gyoza

Gyoza Gyoza offer a wide range of different styles of gyoza and fillings, from pan-fried to steamed and even soup. Filling selections range from pork, beef, seafood, chicken, duck, or just vegetables.


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