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Black Velvet Espresso - Cafes - MELBOURNE

Black Velvet Espresso

Black Velvet Espresso is a roastery and espresso bar with a simple goal: source, roast and blend the most beautiful origins to share with the home barista and cafe owner alike.
Stovetop - Cafes - CARLTON


This cafe is serious about the coffee it serves, with tasting notes such as those for Alice Estate, from Brazil: "buttery rich caramel tones with hints of plum and cherry. Ultra clean, juicy and balanced with a long finish".
Famish'D - Cafes - MELBOURNE


Each day, Famish'd sources the best seasonal produce and devotes hours to devising interesting, delicious combinations that will keep you satisfied all day long. Famish'd specialises in big, fresh, seasonal salads, but salads are just the beginning...
Babbo - Cafes - MELBOURNE


Café babbo is a cute little café situated in Madame Brussels Lane. It specialises in Italian cuisine, with a large range of breakfast options. Lunchtime pasta dishes change daily. Friday nights is aperitivo night at Babbo.
Pier 35 Bar & Grill - Restaurants - PORT MELBOURNE

Pier 35 Bar & Grill

Pier 35 Bar and Grill features modern Australian cuisine with a variety of fresh seafood and steaks, and an extensive wine list. The floor to ceiling windows show off their waterfront location so that every table has a view of Port Melbourne's waterways.
Platform 270 - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Platform 270

Named in tribute to its famous neighbour, Platform 270 is a very Melbourne style restaurant: influenced by the many and varied laneways and side streets of the city.
Akita Japanese Restaurant - Restaurants - NORTH MELBOURNE

Akita Japanese Restaurant

The menu includes Japanese favourites such as sashimi platters, tempura prawns and teriyaki chicken. But more exotic fare is also offered, such as Patagonian tooth fish, marinated in soybean paste, then grilled.
Tahini Lebanese Diner - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Tahini Lebanese Diner

Tahini Lebanese Diner has a 90-seat Lebanese dining hall.
Club Colombia Restaurant - Restaurants -

Club Colombia Restaurant

Be transported to Colombia and enjoy traditional Colombian cuisine and coffee. Breakfast options include the filling calentado paise, which consists of rice, beans, pork leg, chorizo, bacon & egg. Or go lighter with just a pastry and coffee.
Aunty Franklee - Restaurants - MELBOURNE

Aunty Franklee

Aunty Franklee brings South-East Asian soul to the heart of Melbourne. They serve up classic Malaysian cuisine from the traditional Lee family recipes.


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