Got plant problems? These gardening tools from Melbourne's best plant shops and gift spots will make everything better. Read on for vertical garden inspiration, self-watering planters and more.

Vertical garden DIY

Limited space? Go up! Spoilt's range of hanging planters are cute and affordable. If you can't hang from a ceiling or roof, this industrial chic planter box hooks flat to the wall and adds a pop of greenery inside or outside. Pair with a falling plant – like silver falls or devil's ivy – and cascading garden greatness is yours. Got a climber? These bamboo ladders from Folia House come in three different heights. Line a few up against a wall and grow a row of towering greenery.

A garden full of plants, wall-mounted pots and hanging greenery.
Backyard, balcony or sunny windowsill. A glorious garden is within your reach.

Indoor plant food

If your plants are looking a bit sad and hangry, it's time for a feed. Fussy foliage will thrive with this seasonal menu from Folia House. The four-pack of sustainable glass bottles offer the best fertiliser for every month. Start now and see your plant thrive in low-light conditions, then burst with explosive growth as the weather picks up.

Self-watering pots

Miei's luxe self-watering planters are best for black thumbs with a forgetful streak. Chic glass or rustic ceramic looks will keep your plants happy. It also comes in a mini desk version, so you have something soothing to look at between zooms. Feel even better about your purchase: this social enterprise donates all profits to charity partner The Smith Family. 

A group of plants on a bench
Self-watering pots from Miei

Glass watering globe

Your greenery deserves a little glow up too. This no fuss glass watering bubble will make them the envy of all other house plants. The bubble slowly releases water into the plant soil to keep it hydrated without oversoaking. And it refills easily from the top, with no messy removal required.

Pollination kits

Welcome bees into your garden or balcony green space with this pollination kit from Pigeonhole. Each kit contains two seed varieties, coffee compost and ready-to-grow recycled planter cups. Better yet? 10 per cent of profits go towards bee immunity research.

Three jars filled with soil and small sprouts.
Lure super pollinators to your garden with special seedlings

Minimalist watering can

Bulky, plastic, and for some reason often bright green – standard watering cans aren't exactly cute. Keep your indoor jungle aesthetic intact with the Danish-designed aquastar watering can. This slimline item features a pointed spout for precise, even watering. Have it out on display or tuck away easily in a cupboard.

Blacksmith forged garden tool set

Handmade from tempered boron steel and sustainable ash timber, DeWit's garden tools are built to last. This three-piece set from Mr Wares includes a cultivator, hand fork and trowel. Whether you're planting a massive garden bed or tending to your balcony herbs, they make any garden task a cinch.

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Last updated on Tue 17 Aug 2021

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