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ONEIROI at the Hellenic Museum - Friday 08 April 2016 to Sunday 08 April 2018 - Exhibitions

ONEIROI at the Hellenic Museum

8 Apr 2016 - 8 Apr 2018, Hellenic Museum
A new permanent exhibition by Australian artist Bill Henson incorporates treasures from the museum's award-winning Benaki collection.
Aqua Donut BBQ Boats - Thursday 10 December 2015 to Monday 30 April 2018 - Tours & cruises

Aqua Donut BBQ Boats

10 Dec 2015 - 30 Apr 2018, Aqua Donut
Aqua Donut is a floating device with a barbecue station to enable a unique DIY dining experience along the picturesque waters of Docklands.
First Peoples  - Friday 20 November 2015 to Monday 20 November 2017 - Exhibitions

First Peoples

20 Nov 2015 - 20 Nov 2017, Melbourne Museum
First Peoples celebrates the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people.
Raising the Rattler Pole – The Last of the Connies - Monday 28 October 2013 to Sunday 28 October 2018 - Exhibitions

Raising the Rattler Pole – The Last of the Connies

28 Oct 2013 - 28 Oct 2018, Corner Spencer and Flinders St
Raising the Rattler Pole, a public artwork by David Michael Bell, is a tribute to one of Melbourne’s iconic heroes – the W-class 'rattler' tram.
Fruition - Wednesday 20 November 2013 to Tuesday 20 November 2018 - Exhibitions


20 Nov 2013 - 20 Nov 2018, Royal Park
For art in the open, see Matthew Harding's fluted, pod-like forms, Fruition, located at the gateway to Royal Park in Parkville.


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