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Melbourne offers plenty of laughs, at venues like the Last Laugh or at the famed Melbourne International Comedy Festival held each April.
Tap It Twice - Tuesday 05 February 2019 to Saturday 23 March 2019 - Performing arts

Tap It Twice

5 Feb 2019 - 23 Mar 2019, Speakeasy HQ
Die-hard tap dancers come together in a performance of raw, urban-style tap dance in Tap It Twice.
Reeni Inosha: Enlighten Me a Little - Monday 08 April 2019 to Sunday 14 April 2019 - Performing arts

Reeni Inosha: Enlighten Me a Little

8 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019, Tasma Terrace
Reeni takes you on an unpredictable whirlwind of honest stories of being raised in contradicting worlds.
It's Talkie Time with Jackie Lime - Saturday 16 February 2019 to Saturday 20 April 2019 - Performing arts

It's Talkie Time with Jackie Lime

16 Feb 2019 - 20 Apr 2019, The Improv Conspiracy Theatre
Talkie Time with Jackie Lime is a late-night variety show featuring sketches, songs and characters.
Friday Night Vaudeville Theatre  - Friday 18 January 2019 to Saturday 27 April 2019 - Performing arts

Friday Night Vaudeville Theatre

18 Jan 2019 - 27 Apr 2019, Speakeasy HQ
As the summer hits Melbourne the acts get hotter at Speakeasy HQ with wine bar and live acts all night.
F#*k This, I Quit! - Friday 18 January 2019 to Friday 28 June 2019 - Performing arts

F#*k This, I Quit!

18 Jan 2019 - 28 Jun 2019, The Improv Conspiracy Training Centre & Theatre
Got a story about a terrible job? Bring it on down to The Improv Conspiracy Theatre where they'll spin your workplace woe into a hilarious show!
The Remix - Saturday 19 January 2019 to Saturday 29 June 2019 - Performing arts

The Remix

19 Jan 2019 - 29 Jun 2019, The Improv Conspiracy Training Centre & Theatre
Watch as a cast of experienced improvisers take true stories from a guest storyteller and weave them into comedy gold before your eyes.
Harold Night - Thursday 17 January 2019 to Thursday 27 June 2019 - Performing arts

Harold Night

17 Jan 2019 - 27 Jun 2019, The Improv Conspiracy Training Centre & Theatre
The Harold is a 30-minute non-stop piece of improvised comedy based on a single audience suggestion.
Crab Lab: Stand Up Comedy  - Wednesday 09 January 2019 to Wednesday 18 December 2019 - Performing arts

Crab Lab: Stand Up Comedy

9 Jan 2019 - 18 Dec 2019, House of Maximon
Crab Lab brings the best comics from TV and radio plus a bunch of the next big things to the heart of the CBD every Wednesday and it's free!
Dazza and Keif Go Viral - Thursday 28 March 2019 to Sunday 07 April 2019 - Performing arts

Dazza and Keif Go Viral

28 Mar 2019 - 7 Apr 2019, The Coopers Malthouse
Award winning B-Boyz Dazza and Keif bring their high-energy dance comedy to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
Comedians Doing New Material - Thursday 10 January 2019 to Thursday 21 March 2019 - Performing arts

Comedians Doing New Material

10 Jan 2019 - 21 Mar 2019, Voltaire
Come check out the local funny people trying out their new material on an eager audience.

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