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Carl Navè - Individually Tailored - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Carl Navè - Individually Tailored

Carl Navè encompasses fine tailoring and refreshing contemporary detail, inspired by working alongside some of Australia’s most respected and talented master tailors and shirt makers.
Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker

Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker creates luxurious, bespoke shirts. The labour-intensive work involves careful measuring, fitting, cutting, fusing, re-fits, and hand-stitching. Each is made specifically for an individual, designed for their body.
Prinzi Collections  - Fashion - CARLTON

Prinzi Collections

Prinzi Collections is a men's formal wear and tailored suiting company that offers the latest in suiting fashion for the groom and his groomsmen.
Henry Bucks - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Henry Bucks

Offering customers a complete outfitting solution in one store, Henry Bucks is a family-owned men’s wear and accessory specialist.
Irregular Choice - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice offers a fun, vibrant shoe shopping experience. The store reflects the individuality of the collections it houses, featuring a plethora of fabrics, pattern, colour, texture and glitter.
Florsheim - Fashion - MELBOURNE


Florsheim is known as a leading footwear brand around the world. They bring world class craftsmanship, unique materials, and refined styling, to every pair.
Jo Mercer - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Jo Mercer

Jo Mercer continues to offer a diverse range of high quality shoes, bags and other leather accessories. Leather boots, high heels and sandals always form part of each collection.
Evans Leather Repair - Fashion - MELBOURNE

Evans Leather Repair

Evans has been proudly developing a tradition of fine workmanship for over 60 years in the Royal Arcade, Melbourne. The company was founded by Evan Skliros - better known within the Arcade as "Mr. Evans" - a highly renowned leather craftsman.
Merrell - Fashion - MELBOURNE


Merrell has been helping outdoor enthusiasts get outside and into the great outdoor with their range of quality performance footwear for over 30 years.
Platypus - Fashion - MELBOURNE


Platypus presents a smorgasbord of sneakers with attitude from around the globe, including Adidas, Diesel, Converse, Puma, Zoo York, Dr Martens and more.


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