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Mu Shop - Gifts & flowers - MELBOURNE

Mu Shop

Mu Shop is a niche little gift boutique in the QVM. They specialise in Trollbeads and Adventure of Tintin. They also stock Lalaland, Keep Cup, Disney, Fressko, Jellycat, Anello back packs, boardgames, pop vinyl, collectibles, hats and lots more.
The Teddy Bear Shop - Gifts & flowers - MELBOURNE

The Teddy Bear Shop

If you go into the city today, you're sure to find the largest collection of teddy bears and soft toy animals in Melbourne at The Teddy Bear Shop.
Vick Nackashian Fine Jewellery - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Vick Nackashian Fine Jewellery

Vick Nackashian Fine Jewellery is a specialty shop that creates custom-made pieces of jewellery in-house, from start to finish.
Reigne Jewellery - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Reigne Jewellery

Inspired by the organic elements found in nature, Reigne Jewellery is a luxury jewellery brand by husband and wife duo Dana and Zac Aviv.
Corky Saint Clair - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Corky Saint Clair

Corky Saint Clair showcases the design work of Christopher Bril and other local designers, under the auspices of Melbourne label Corky. Corky is designed in Melbourne and sold in shops around the world.
Paul Bram Jeweller - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Paul Bram Jeweller

The Paul Bram diamond salon is designed especially to showcase beautiful diamonds. The store has abundant natural light, making it the perfect space for assessing diamond quality and selecting fine jewellery.
Rutherford - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE


Rutherford Fine Jewellery and Antiques is run by a second and third generation family who add classic style to every piece they create.
Diamondline Jewellery Designs  - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Diamondline Jewellery Designs

Diamondline Jewellery Design specialises in the sale of loose certified diamonds and crafting exquisite engagement rings.
Wayne Lynch Master Jewellers - Jewellery & accessories - NORTH MELBOURNE

Wayne Lynch Master Jewellers

Wayne Lynch Master Jewellers pride themselves on working with you to develop a unique design that suits your individuality and lifestyle. They can create engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles.
Pilkington Jewellers - Jewellery & accessories - MELBOURNE

Pilkington Jewellers

Pilkington Jewellers offer practical advice on the designing of new pieces or the re-designing of a cherished ring, necklace or earrings.


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