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Get the scoop on the best coffee in Melbourne. Find great baristas and good coffee places – everything from latte art to turmeric spice, short black to decaf, espresso to cappuccino.​
Image of Poolhouse Coffee
Poolhouse Coffee is tucked beneath the Melbourne City Baths. Lunch options include Vietnamese baguettes filled with crispy pork, lemongrass chicken, and rice-paper rolls. There are also cronuts, doughnuts and sweet pastries available.
Image of Plantation Cafe
At Plantation Cafe you can buy small bottles of cold drip coffee, assorted blends and single origins, plus tea and home-brewing gear. Sandwiches, pastries and espresso cheesecake are also available.
Image of The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink
‘The Vertue of the Coffee Drink’ are a micro coffee roaster, café, kitchen and retailer. Being passionate about coffee, they source premium green coffee beans, roast to perfection, then serve with care and respect.
Image of Twenty and Six Espresso
This compact cafe takes its coffee very seriously, grinding delicious roasted blends from local suppliers Proud Mary and Seven Seeds. Pull up a chair at the communal table, or perch by the window on an upturned milk crate.
Image of Bean Buzz Cafe
Bean Buzz Café is more than just your average café – they provide a relaxed, inviting atmosphere which is a little quirky. There’s fresh house-made food and they cater for a variety of food requirements and choices.
Image of Seven Seeds
Within a large converted warehouse, Seven Seeds houses a coffee roaster and cafe plus single-origin coffees and brewing systems. It also has milk jugs for sale.
Image of Assembly Store
Assembly is a coffee and tea store for connoisseurs. Its curated offering is based on excellent quality and meaningfully sourced products. You can drink coffee and tea at Assembly, find products that you love, learn about them and take them home.
Image of Auction Rooms
Housed in the old WB Ellis auction house in North Melbourne, Auction Rooms is a coffee roastery and cafe, specialising in speciality coffees.
Image of Gold Drops - Coffee & Tea
Gold Drops serves natural coffee. After being picked and sorted, natural coffee is left to dry in the sun with the cherry still on the bean. Consequently, the flavour of the cherry concentrates in the bean.
Image of Kinfolk Cafe
With a focus on local, ethical and organic produce, Kinfolk is all about healthy, seasonal, sustainable and wholesome food and coffee. The menu is packed with colourful, aromatic dishes made with the freshest possible ingredients.
Image of Local Birds
Local Birds - hard to find but easy to spot. A small hole in The Causeway is home to two local birds providing old fashioned service without the attitude. All food is homemade at Local Birds.
Image of Everyday Midtown
Specialist coffees to start your day. Enjoy the top roasts and blends of the moment with a sweet treat such as a whoopie pie, or rhubarb tart.
Image of Traveller
Around the corner from Pellegrini's, lies a pocket-sized cafe by the Seven Seeds team. Serving takeaway coffee and pastries, you can sample such delights as salted caramel donuts, Mars bar muffins, or asparagus goats curd muffins.
Image of Pellegrini's Espresso Bar
Pellegrini's is a Melbourne institution, unchanged in decades. The iconic espresso bar serves authentic Italian food and of course fantastic coffee. Indulge in generous bowls of spaghetti, plates of lasagne piled high or steaming bowls of minestrone.
Image of Blended Beard
Blended Beard aim to provide consistent, high quality coffee and give customers the opportunity to explore tastes. The house blend is the understated OX3 Cumulus, from the bean alliance.
Image of Patricia
No lattes. No long blacks. No flat whites. Just boutique coffee with or without milk for which the gods themselves would descend from high. Tucked away near the Halls of Justice, Patricia’s worker bees pump out the coffees all day long in double time.
Image of Sensory Lab
The Sensory Lab at David Jones is where baristas work beakers and Bunsen burners like scientists – offering a truly tailored coffee experience. At Sensory Lab you can learn how to select, savour and truly appreciate your favourite coffee.
Image of A Little Bird Told Me
Perched on a sunlit corner of Little La Trobe Street, A Little Bird Told Me provides RMIT students and city-slickers with all their coffee needs.
Image of Black Velvet Espresso
Black Velvet Espresso is a roastery and espresso bar with a simple goal: source, roast and blend the most beautiful origins to share with the home barista and cafe owner alike.
Image of The League of Honest Coffee
The coffee aficionados at the League of Honest Coffee share their passion and expertise on all things coffee, from beans to machines and accessories.
Image of Cup of Truth
Single-origin coffee is the cup de jour at Cup of Truth, tucked away in Campbell Arcade in the subway under Degraves Street. The vibe is subterranean, the cold-drop and single-origin coffees are legendary, and the queue is filled with regulars.
Image of Brother Baba Budan
Tucked away off Little Bourke Street, Brother Baba Budan is a small cafe with a big name in serving up great coffee. They focus on improving the coffee quality from origin to cup and specialise in sourcing specialty single origin beans.
Image of Dukes Coffee Roasters
Dukes serve specialty coffee that is made with a commitment to using organic and ethically made products, and reducing waste.
Image of STREAT
STREAT's Melbourne Central cafe is a great place to duck in for a morning coffee, and pastry, have a meeting, or chat to a friend.
Image of Fugazza
Fugazza draw inspiration from celebrating a rich Italian food and coffee heritage, some of which has been forgotten since the first wave of Italian migrants arrived in Australia almost a century ago.
Image of Villanova Coffee
The people at Villanova live, love and breathe coffee, blending, roasting and, most importantly, drinking their own coffee to ensure the very best brew. Villanova offers a wide range of coffees to suit all tastes.
Image of Quists Coffee Shop
Quists Coffee was established in 1938 as Melbourne’s first coffee roaster. For over 75 years, Quists has developed a reputation for quality coffee and consistency.
Image of The Queensberry Pour House
The Queensberry Pour House is modelled on the classic American diner, with bottomless cups of filter coffee and a homey atmostphere. The menu features staples such as salads and rolls, as well as hearty pies and meatball subs.
Image of Switch Board Cafe
What could be better or simpler: great coffee, warming soup and a hearty menu of toasties, bagels and baguettes. Order bircher muesli or fruit toast for breakfast, followed by toasties filled with free-range ham and mancego cheese.
Image of Craft Cubed Festival
Tue 01 Aug 2017 to Thu 31 Aug 2017
Experience exhibitions, workshops, markets, talks, open studios – if you're into ceramics, textiles, jewellery, glass or papercraft, come along!
Image of Manchester Press
Tucked away down a pretty cul-de-sac, Manchester Press is a surprisingly spacious and tranquil space. Come for the coffee and delicious bagels. The small menu means coffee is the centre of attention at this café.
Image of Naked Espresso Bar
Named for the extraction method used to create its specialist coffee, the Naked Espresso Bar also offers a simple menu of hearty comfort food. It uses aeropress, V60, syphon and cold drip brewing methods.
Image of Slater St Bench
With its sleek, modern interior and experienced barista team, Slater St Bench on St Kilda Road is perfect for a quick weekday coffee. Slater St Bench serves a mixture of single origin coffee from Clement Coffee as well as their own blend.
Image of Federal Coffee Palace
Enjoy a glass of wine, or a coffee with your breakfast or light lunch under the elegant Italianate arches of the GPO at Federal Coffee Palace.
Image of 65 Degrees Cafe
Run by a family with more than 20 years’ experience in the business, 65 Degrees Cafe serves a broad breakfast and lunch menu and award-winning Gridlock coffee. Pop in for breakfast near Parliament Station, or come for brunch, burgers and sandwiches.
Image of Grinder's Coffee
The Grinders Coffee original Melbourne retail store has played a pivotal role in Australia's booming love affair with coffee.
Image of Oli & Levi
Grab a coffee or a light meal to eat in or take away. Try the pulled pork brioche bun, sundried tomato, basil and feta tart, or the Peking duck roll.

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Image of Tea & coffee
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